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Bol – Island Brač tour

Paradise like, the beach of Zlatni rat is the most spectacular and most beautiful beach on the Adriatic coast, which, due to the influence of wind and waves, constantly changes its shape. This fascinating 500 meters long beach created of golden pebbles, around the underwater reef, has a unique shape, like a small peninsula that stretches into the sea.

Blue lagoon tour

One of the unspoiled natural beauty of our area is Krknjasi lagoon on the east coast of the island Drvenik. On the outside, the bay is protected with islands, large and small Krknjaši. A beautiful pebble beaches and shallow sandy seabed is a true tropical paradise of our sea. Along the coast are small coves with sandy shoals that provide intimacy and are suitable for families with small children.

Hvar and devil islands tour

The old Croatian town of Hvar is known worldwide for its unforgettable beauty and history that goes back up to 6000 thousand years ago. The island is unique for its beaches and unforgettable hangouts as for its unforgettable restaurants that are one of the main trump. With an average of around 300 sunny days in a year, Hvar is the sunniest island in Europe. The Pakleni Islands is a group of 15 islets located in the immediate vicinity of the town of Hvar and the island of Hvar.


Join us four our pirate tour that takes you to 3 different swimming destinations at adjacent islands and bays with Pirate Ship Santa Maria.
It includes tasty grilled lunch, drinks (world famous “Sailor Jerry” spicy rum too!) and all the stuff you need to have fun at sea while we take care of your amazing day!
This tour is not about world-famous destinations like the DeLuxe Blue cave tour, but it’s all about an enjoyable day, swimming, snorkeling, food, and drinks, besides doing it with a unique boat, not just in Split, but entire Croatia and Europe.

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